Call to Prayer

A Call to Prayer

First off, thank you so much to those who came out and participated in the Journey Wall this past weekend. The Transition Team is excited about the near 100 participants on both Thursday and Saturday. We heard the call to respond and invest in prayer as a church. Prayer has been a significant part of our church experience in the past and we need to invest in prayer for the future of Forest Grove Community Church. 

With this in mind, we are asking all of us to commit to pray for Forest Grove Community Church for the next 40 days. The Transition Team will be posting here each week to guide our prayer for the next 6 weeks.

Would you commit to spend time daily in prayer? If you are in a small group we would ask you to meet together and intercede for our church in the next 40 days.  

During our Journey Wall experience Pastor Reg pointed us to Nehemiah 1. Here we see Nehemiah grieving over the plight of his people and asking God to intervene in their situation.

Would you pray through Nehemiah 1 interceding for Forest Grove?

What things does he feel?

What does he ask God for?

How does his prayer start? 

Feel free to share your thoughts and specific prayers by emailing Reg.

– The Forest Grove Community Church Transition Team

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