Staff + Council

For all general inquiries, please contact 

All Sites Staff

Bruce Enns
Lead Pastor
Email Bruce

Maryanne Berge
Global Missions Pastor
Email Maryanne

Sue Enns
Director of Operations
Email Sue

Angela Richards
Financial Administrator Email Angela

Cloē Wiens
Lead Pastor Executive Assistant
Email Cloe

Jason Bryans
Main Office Administrator
Email Jason

Spencer Meisner
Communications Director
Email Spencer

Curtis Bergen
Head Custodian
Email Curtis

Michael McDavid
Email Michael

Attridge Staff

Kevin Wiens
Site Pastor
Email Kevin

Maureen Brown
Family Ministries Pastor
Email Maureen

Don Froese
Transitional Pastor
Email Don

Chandra Styles
Youth and Young Adults Pastor
Email Chandra

Kendrew Friesen
Sr High Director
Email Kendrew

Lizzie Rowan
Jr High Director / Youth + Young Adults Ministry Assistant
Email Lizzie

Tyler Martin
Youth Intern
Email Tyler

Jodi Enns
Children’s Ministry Pastor
Email Jodi

Ashley Power
Children’s Ministry Assistant
Email Ashley

Delores Derksen
Pastor of Care
Email Delores

Angela Richards
Assistant Director of Care
Email Angela

Grace Friesen
Attridge Ministry Assistant
Email Grace

Broadway Staff

Brian Wiens
Site Pastor
Email Brian

North Site Staff

Nathan McCorkindale
Site Pastor
Email Nathan


Our church Council serves the FGCC Congregations in a governance role ensuring that we stay focused on our mission and vision, and abide by our operating by-laws and policies. Council does this through strategic planning, spiritual and organizational leadership, measuring results, and holding the Lead pastor accountable.  

Council members are discerned through a congregational committee called the Leadership Discernment and Development Committee, then elected by our membership at a congregations meeting.

To get in touch with anyone from our council, please email the church office.

Erica Fraser (Moderator)
Janice Block (Secretary)
Brooke Epp
Rena Pearson
Anna Robinson
Ken Willms
Gil Klassen