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Advent Giving Project – Goal Exceeded!

Thank you for your generous giving to our Advent Giving project this year. We are excited to announce that the final amount given was $41,735.25!

All gifts will be divided between two focus areas as outlined below. If more than $35,000 is received, the extra funds will be given to the Panama project.

2022 Project

Global Church – Panama Security Wall Project
Goal: $25,000

This advent, we would like to raise funds for our partner churches in  Panama to help with the completion of a security wall at Casa del Sembrador (Juan Diaz Center) in Panama City. 

The IEU – (United Evangelical MB Churches of Panama) own a property in Panama City that they have discerned a new vision for, which will allow them to serve the churches all over Panama, including missionaries and others who travel to Panama. The income from the center will also help them become more self-sustaining.  They have already contributed over 90,000 USD themselves to the development of this property.

The property includes the conference office and space for meetings, and several apartments that are being rented by Wounaan as well as a few apartments that are being renovated as places to rent out to others on short-term basis. Lavern Pratt, a Multiply global worker from FGCC is living on the property and helping with renovations as a landscape architect. 

The urgent need is for a security wall that is being constructed out of cinder block and steel around the perimeter (210 m) as there have been thefts and security threats. The other area of need is with landscaping and creating a better flow for water as flooding happens often in rainy season which can damage the apartments.  

The fence has been started with 75m completed so far. Work is being done by Wounaan who volunteer their time but have expenses for travel and food that need to be covered as well as all the supplies for the wall. 

Buckets of Hope 
Goal: $10,000

MCC Saskatchewan continues to work with local partners to raise funds and labor to build relief buckets that are then shipped around the world to areas of natural disaster and war. The need for these buckets continues to be great. Buckets cost about $50 each. FGCC would raise the funds and then MCC will purchase the supplies.