Our goal in GroveCare is to provide crisis care and hospital care for all ages. Examples of this are illness, death, mental health and addictions.

We provide love and compassion for care home residents in and around Saskatoon. We offer spiritual care and support for those who have experienced a loss in their family including before, during and after care.

For support and resources please contact Angela.

Forest Grove Community Church is very blessed to have volunteers who makes mittens for our children of Saskatoon in schools and at the Bridge. We also have volunteers who make prayer shawls to be brought to hospitals and care homes as a token of love and prayer,


We are hosting an anonymous recovery program for those who are impacted by mental health and alcohol and substance abuse. This season has had a greater affect on society than we could have ever imagined. If you or someone you know is struggling in these areas, you are not alone. Our focus is Recovery through Jesus because “We can’t, He can, and I will let Him”.

THURSDAYS, 7-830pm at 102 Goerzen Street. However, the location might change from time to time, so please contact Angela before arrival. 306-381-5844. This meeting will be closed on Statutory Holidays.

Please contact Angela for more information or any questions you may have in regards to this program.

We understand that you may be looking for some support that might not be listed here. Please contact Angela to help you get pointed in the right direction.