• GroveKids Small Groups – during our 10:30 a.m. Sunday Service (not on long weekends) We start all together in the service and after @ a 15 minute worship time together, parents are dismissed to drop their children off at their small groups, return to the service and pick them up after the service has ended.
  • Nursery -during Sunday Service (unsupervised on long weekends). Our nursery is open for the entire worship service at 10:30. We would love to have you join our nursery team serving on a 5-6 week rotation. The nursery ministry definitely supports our young families and we are so thankful for Alli Dyck who is heading up the nursery ministry.
  • Long Weekends – we are excited to have a family services on long weekends where we all worship together and a children’s teaching time is included in the service.


FX LIT’s is a leadership and service opportunity for students in Grades 4 and up.  This group will meet on Wednesday evenings for discipleship and leadership training involving singing, storytelling, and puppetry. The FX LIT’s will have various service opportunities with one being the monthly Family Experience,  so it is important that you and your family plan to attend the monthly Family Experience.  Please contact Maureen or Laura if you would like to be a part of this group. 

When: FX LIT Applications are closed for this year. Look for new opportunities the 2024-2025 Ministry Year

If you’re interested in serving at any our programs, please talk with Maureen or Laura for more information.

Maureen Brown

Family Ministries Pastor

Laura Laskowski

Children’s Ministries Associate