GroveKids Leaders


We are very excited to gather again, have small groups where kids can interact with their peers and offer programming and resources for the whole family.

Throughout the past year our leader application and training process have changed significantly. Our desire is to create an environment where kids, parents and leaders feel safe and cared for. It is our hope that these processes elevate your sense of call and responsibility. 

In order to make these hopes and desires a reality we require ALL leaders to complete the following processes:

Application: The link below will lead you to our Volunteer Application Form. This application is comprehensive for any volunteer position at FGCC. If you are serving in multiple ministries this application will only need to be filled out once. Once this application has been submitted, you will be invited to complete the Attridge Ministry Application which contains specific information and questions regarding GroveKids (and any other ministries you are serving in). 

Criminal Record Checks (CRCs): Because we work with children a CRC must be completed every four years for any volunteer that is 18 and older. Ashley will let you know if this is needed and will give you paperwork to take to the Police Station to have this completed (the fee will be waived). If you have a copy of an existing CRC, you can email it to Ashley.

Virtual Training: At GroveKids we want leaders to be known, trained, empowered and celebrated. Training is an important part of providing a safe environment for children, and it helps leaders feel equipped as they respond to God’s call to lead.  

*Please allow yourself one hour to complete training*

Interviews: This is a formal way of saying, “come have coffee with Jodi!” This interview will be semi-structured with some questions for personal reflection and for Jodi to get to know you more. 

The following positions require an interview: 

  • K-5 Leader
  • Primary (Age 2-4) Leader
  • Welcome Team
  • Jr Leader (Grade 7&8)

Note: Please ensure all the above processes (Application, CRC, Virtual Training) are completed before signing up for your interview.