Electives at 9:30am Sunday mornings from Sept 17 to Dec 17. No electives on Long Weekends (Oct 8 and Nov 12).

Here is a list of electives for Fall 2023:

Come and Pray – Led by Rob and Mardell Neufeld.
In room 140 (Choir Room).
It has been said, “The Prayer Room is the boiler room for the church’s spiritual life”. Come and Pray is a time when we come together in unity and dependence on God. Our church desperately needs God to be glorified and for Him to direct and empower all our activities so that they bear fruit and accomplish His purposes.
All ages are welcome. We pray in a relaxed way, conversationally, bringing our concerns to the Lord. We pray for our church and its mission, for people’s needs within our church, for concerns within Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and beyond.

Spiritual Gifts – Led by Jodi Kozan.
In room 129 (Family Ministries Room)
What are Spiritual Gifts? Do I have any? How do I use them? What are they for? Sept 17-Oct 1 we will look at scriptures on how Spiritual Gifts can help us build up the church.

Show us the Father – Led by Vi Petkau.
In room 211 (Board room)
The Lord’s desire is for us to have a relationship with Him, and Jesus came to show us the way. Following Jesus’ example, we will turn to the Old Testament scriptures to better understand and grow closer to our gracious heavenly Father.

Family Experience (FX) – Led by GroveKids.
In room 138 (Lounge)
Family Experience is for the whole family where parents learn with their kids. This program consists of worship led by our FX Singers, Bible stories, skits, fun activities, and various media methods for communicating the virtuous life God desires us to live. FX is not a drop off program – we like to say it’s “where kids bring their parents to learn.” Hope to see you there!

Youth Elective – Led by GroveYouth.
In room 203 (Living Room)
Grades 6-12 will be watching and discussing the popular Christian film series ‘The Chosen.’ There will also be reading and discussing the corresponding Bible verses connected to each episode. Contact our Youth Director Kendrew for more information or how to get involved.’

Philippians – Led by Ralph Gliege.
In room 129 (Family Ministries Room)
Come and learn about a chapter of Philippians each week from Oct 26 – Dec 10. More details coming soon.

MB Confession of Faith – Led by Pastor Kevin Wiens.
In room 129 (Family Min Room)
Come and learn about the Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith Oct 15, 22, and Dec 17 (Tentative). We will look at Articles 14 (Sanctity of Human Life), 17 (Christianity and Other Faiths), and 18 (Christ’s Final Triumph). This will conclude a study that was started in Spring.