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Hope, Love, Joy, Peace

Christmas is coming soon. Advent begins November 27th. The word “advent” means “coming”. We remember, learn about and celebrate the coming of Jesus to earth as God with us. This is GOOD NEWS! Over the next few weeks we will highlight people in the Advent story along with themes of Hope, Love, Joy and Peace. How did each of these people’s experiences reflect good news.

Christmas is also a time when some struggle with complexities of life. The expectations of the season are such that we have this perfect view of the happy family sitting together enjoying each other and getting along. Reality can be quite different. Join us to find good news, growing in our understanding of having God with us today.

Join us in person, online or through our YouTube channel. 

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Good News of Hope – Luke 1:26-38 // Reg Toews Forest Grove Community Church: Attridge Sermons

Reg Toews teaches on hope from Luke 1:26-38 as we begin out Advent series called Good News.
  1. Good News of Hope – Luke 1:26-38 // Reg Toews
  2. Acts 6:1-7 // Kevin Wiens
  3. Acts 5:17-42 // Maureen Brown