Baptism + Membership

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, and feel that God has called you to step into deeper commitment as part of one of our congregations, we invite you to consider membership. 

Baptism & Membership Sessions

The first step in this process is attending Baptism and Membership Sessions. These two to four sessions (the format differs between our different sites) help you get to know our church better. At the sessions we will discuss the basics of Baptism, Membership, Christian Faith and some history related to our Church.

If you have questions please email Kevin.

Believer’s Baptism

Baptism is a public statement of commitment to Jesus Christ and is available to all who have made that decision, and in our tradition, baptism includes membership where one becomes part of the community.

At Forest Grove Community Church we baptize by complete immersion in water. This signifies a symbolic death to self and life commitment to Jesus Christ. If you have been baptized as an infant, we celebrate that decision your parents made for you, but we give you the opportunity to publicly make a statement of your own faith by being baptized again.

Although we don’t baptize infants at Forest Grove Community Church, we have a special celebration for the dedication of babies and their parents.

A Process of Discernment

Even if you have not decided whether you would like to be baptized or become a member, our Baptism and Membership Sessions can help you discern if and when you are ready. We ask that when you sign up, you make every effort to attend all the sessions as we are trying to build a small community environment among the participants.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in getting baptized at our Attridge site, you can email Kevin, at The Gathering you can email Brian.