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TRC Call to Action #59 Resources

Here are some resources to help us along in Call to Action #59 which is for churches to educate our people about the role of the church in residential schools and the ongoing impact. These are resources that have been circulating across our three sites and our denomination. If you would like a more extensive list, or have a recommended resource, please contact the office as we are compiling resources from our congregation. 

The Reconstruction Podcast: Dr. Aldred is an Indigenous theologian from SK and currently teaching in BC. The interviewer is from Lakeview church here in Saskatoon. 

Embracing the Pain of the Past and Present by Randy Klassen. Randy serves as the Indigenous Neighbours Program coordinator for MCC Saskatchewan.

Residential Schools: How should followers of Christ respond? By Don Klassen. Don is from Chilliwack BC (and was Pastor Kevin’s Youth Pastor) and helps churches engage in diverse neighborhoods.

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