Stories Of Transformation

Corporate Worship

Below is a Story of Transformation from Val Burron, who has been involved with the Attridge Worship Design Team.

Our family moved recently and I remember taking a painstaking amount of time placing the furniture so that everything fit just so.  I’d sit for a while in one spot, then move to another chair so I could get a view from every angle.  Every possible scenario changed my perspective of the room.  It all depended on where I positioned myself.

In my own spiritual life I have been tremendously blessed to have had a long history with Jesus.  He knows me.  He knows that I love to nest and hunker down in my nice cozy comfort zone.  But He also knows that’s not where I’m meant to stay.  It’s not where I’m the most fruitful.  It’s not where I learn to trust.  It’s not where I’m transformed.  It’s when He starts to rearrange me from the inside out that growth happens.  Perspective changes.  Unexpected opportunities open.  Dreams come back into focus.

The same effect is happening in our church community. As we worship together corporately there is a shifting that takes place in the atmosphere.  Psalm 22:3 says that He inhabits the praises of His people.  Our worship not only gets His attention and blesses His heart but it puts us in a position to listen for His voice.  As we incline our ears to Him He rearranges us as a body.  He advances us as an army.  He moves us like a river to the ends of the earth.  And He transforms us into His bride.