Council Updates

Council Meeting Highlights

Highlights from Council
February 15, 2022
7:30pm at North Site

  • Joel Dyck led us in a time of reflection and prayer. He challenged us to think about the people in our life that Jesus is asking us to connect with, especially as we come out of the pandemic. We spent some time in prayer. 
  • Council talked about some of the response we have been receiving from the communication sent out related to the TRC, as well as some of our own feelings towards it at this time. Council will continue to pray for discernment as to where we feel led in this area. Council members were invited to be a part of a staff debrief of the TRC process on March 2nd during their All Staff meeting. 
  • Council would like to continue to hear from our congregations in response to the TRC communication.  We will give an update at the upcoming congregations meeting.
  • Council discussed and approved the Congregations Meeting agenda. 
  • Council discussed and approved the Council Retreat agenda. 
  • Gil Klassen gave an update on the Transition Team. Many have confirmed and some are still discerning. Gil will reach out to a few more people. There is an information meeting on Saturday for those that are interested/discerning. 
  • LDDC is discerning how we approach people to join Council. They will do a scan of who we currently have on Council, addressing where our holes are in terms of Spiritual Giftings and personality types. We will review this at the Council Retreat. 
  • FAC had a meeting with Steven Gunther and Evan Neufeld (Financial Advisors who attend FGCC) to discuss our options for investing our IRR funds. After much discussion, discernment and prayer, the FAC recommended that FGCC keep the IRR funds in their current savings account with the CCMBC. Council has affirmed this decision.
  • FAC have put together a draft policy for investment of the IRR funds. You can read that here. This policy will be discussed further with staff, council and congregations in the coming weeks/months. 
  • Sue Enns shared more related to our facilities and the consultation that will take place that will assess our buildings and their aging needs. The facilities team is expecting a report back in the coming weeks/months. 
  • Sue and staff members are working on preparing the budget. Annually, council discerns and approves a COLA amount, which has implication for budget.  The current increase in cost of living was discussed by Council and direction was given in regards to a suggested COLA for staff.  Sue will come back to council with this information at the March 1st meeting. 
  • Reg opened up the floor to questions for him. His current priorities are Transition work, Staff Care, and some Common Understandings related to our Confession of Faith. He will be launching a Church Health Survey next week for all to participate in and he is looking forward to the Transition Team being in place so that they can begin some more specific work related to this.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 9:58pm.

Upcoming Meetings:

March 1 – Council Meeting (7:30-9:30pm)

March 6 – Congregations Meeting (6:00pm – 8:00pm)

March 18-19 – Council Retreat

March 29 – Council Meeting (7:30pm – 9:30pm)

Please pray for: 

  • Council as it discerns their core priorities.
  • The SKMB Assembly on March. 12.  We are looking for delegates to send from our Congregations.  If you would like to be a delegate, please contact the church office by Feb 28.  More information can be found here.
  • The SKMB Assembly, as it will vote on approving a Common Understanding and Common Covenant document at the Assembly. 
  • Council and Staff as they each work through Common Covenants around our Confession of Faith.  
  • Wisdom as FGCC discerns how to corporately move forward as agents of reconciliation in our community.
  • The Congregations meeting and the upcoming Council Retreat.
  • Reg Toews as he leads us through his Transitional work.
  • Staff in this period of change and transition.