Council Updates

Council Meeting Highlights

Council Highlights
March 29, 2022
Attridge Location // 7:30-9:30pm

  • Ken Willms led us in a devotional where we reflected on the times that we spend with Jesus throughout our busy days. We prayed together.
  • We accepted the agenda and the previous Council minutes from the March 1 meeting as well as the retreat on March 18-19.
  • Congregations Meeting Minutes have been affirmed by Council.
  • There was a motion to approve Payton Izsak for baptism and membership at Attridge. This motion was passed.
  • We briefly reviewed the names on the membership list of people who have moved away or are no longer engaged in our church. Council would like more information about this process. Erica will follow up to ask for more of this information. 
  • Erica Fraser will bring the Council Covenant of Collaboration for Council to sign at the April 12th Council meeting. 
  • Maryanne Berge brought her TKY partnership forward and asked for questions/comments about what the partnership might look like. There was much conversation and discussion around this. Council will pray about this for the next two weeks and will bring a motion forward at the April 12thmeeting as to whether or not Council is in favour of bringing this to the June 5th Congregations meeting. Gil Klassen prayed for Maryanne. 
  • Sue Enns shared her report and we spent a little bit of time discussing her role in HR and the remainder of the time talking through the Proposed 2022-23 Budget. Sue will bring the final version of the budget back to Council for a vote at the April 12th meeting. 
  • There was a motion to approve the second half of the Study and Refreshment leave of Maureen Brown from June 15 – August 15, 2022. This motion was passed.
  • The Transition Team has met twice. Ashlyn Reimer from the North Site has joined. They are meeting approximately 2x/month. 
  • The meeting adjourned at 9:49pm. 

Upcoming Meetings:

April 12th – Council Meeting
April 26th – Council Meeting
May 10th – Council Meeting