Council Updates

Council Meeting Highlights

Council Meeting Highlights
April 26, 2022 // 7:30-9:30pm
Attridge Location

  • Erica started by leading us in a time of quiet listening to God. She read 3 Scripture verses and then we spent 5 minutes in silence. We ended in prayer.
  • We had motions to accept the agenda and the previous minutes. 
  • Sue joined us to talk about the proposed 2022-23 budget. There was discussion about how we are going to present this budget at the Congregations meeting. There was a motion that the proposed 2022-23 FGCC budget of $1,868,852 be recommended to our congregation to be approved as presented. It was carried.
  • Janice and Brooke reviewed the notes they took from being part of the staff debrief of the TRC proposal process. They will join the staff meeting on April 27 to review the document and talk about what some potential next steps could be. 
  • There was a motion to vote in Ron Mackay and Kyle Wiens as members of the LDDC. It was carried. 
  • LDDC has done relationship reviews with all people on Council. Brooke will have her review in June with Erica, Anna and Rena. 
  • The Governance committee has submitted a draft re-wording about confidentiality. 
  • Gil has been very encouraged by the Transition Team and the work that they are doing. 
  • Reg walked us through the survey data results. Gil gave a brief update about what the meeting is going to look like on Saturday.
  • Erica encouraged us to all be aware of the communications we are having with the congregations. We want to be open. Each Council member will take one piece of communication to bring to the June 5 meeting. 
  • No In Camera was held. The meeting adjourned at 10:07pm.