Council Updates

Council Meeting Highlights

Tuesday, February 1

7:30-9:30pm @ North Site

  • Anna Robinson led us in a devotional.
  • The agenda and previous minutes were accepted.
  • There was some discussion and follow-up conversation re: the previous minutes:
    • The Facilities Team is working on hiring a consultant to review the needs of our aging buildings – (immediate – 10-year needs).
    • Sue Enns is working on the 2022/23 budget with staff.
    • Personnel Resources Committee (PRC) working on creating a staff remuneration policy.
  • The Transition Team is being put into place. Gil Klassen is leading this team alongside Reg Toews. 
  • Maureen Brown led us through the Common Understandings and Common Covenant (CUCC) document that will be brought to the SKMB Assembly in March.  We will need some FGCC delegate. 
  • Reg gave an update as to what he has been working on this month. He has completed his interviews with staff.  A congregational survey will be coming out shortly.
  • Prayer Triads are starting this month. Reg updated Council on what these are and how they can be involved. 
  • Committee Reports were deferred to the next meeting on February 15th
  • An in-camera was held.

Summary of Motions:

#1: to accept the agenda – M/S/C

#2: to accept the previous minutes – M/S/C

#3: to approve the highlighted names as per the Transition Team list – M/S/C

#4: that once the minutes have been approved, Council will send out information to staff and congregations about decisions and/or actions being taken. – M/S/C

Upcoming Council Meetings:

February 15th @ 7:30pm

March 18-19 Council Retreat Weekend

March 29 @ 7:30pm

Upcoming Congregations Meeting:

March 6th