Council Updates

Council Retreat Highlights

MARCH 18th, 2022

  1. Spiritual Gift Discussion:
    • Kevin Wiens led Council through sharing our Spiritual Gifts
    • A time of affirmation and prayer
    • LDDC will use this information to discern where we have need of gifts on council
  2. Council Covenant of Collaboration:
    • Worked through a document that council will commit to following. 

MARCH 19, 2022

  1. Common Understandings and Common Covenant Document (CUCC)
    • The CUCC was passed at the Provincial Assembly in March: Sask MB churches are asked to affirm their commitment to the Provincial MB conference and to the National MB Confession of Faith. 
    • FGCC will begin to work through discussions around the MB confession of Faith as staff, leaders and congregants. As a church we will need to affirm our commitment to the conference within the next 12-24 months.
  2. Multisite Discussion
    • Reg shared multi-site/multi-church models
    • Reviewed the Task Force findings
    • An outcome from the findings was to have more representation from our Attridge Site on Lead Team (3 from Attridge, 1 Broadway, 1 North, 2 all sites) 
    • Discussion about mission and purpose. 
    • Big Questions to work through:
      • Define the “why” of multisite
      • Define the model
    • Summary will be released to staff and congregation soon.