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December 3 Multi-site Conversation

The Transition Team would like to invite anyone who attends one of our three congregations (North Site, the Gathering at Broadway or Attridge) to a discussion about our multi-site model on Saturday, December 3 from 8:30am-11:30am at our Attridge site.

Coffee and Timbits will be provided and there will be childcare available if needed. Please register so we know how many people to prepare for as well as how many children we need to provide childcare for. 

Context for calling this meeting:
After the Congregations meeting on November 6, where there was a table discussion time around multi-site, the transition team has felt it would be valuable to continue the conversation that was started. The input that was provided at that meeting will guide the first part of our morning. Here is some background information that was shared at the November 6 meeting. 

What to expect:
Multi-site is a strategy that FGCC began over 10 years ago. We invite you to come and join us to discuss how this strategy is working and what challenges we are facing. This is a discussion oriented event where we ask people to come with a humble, prayerful attitude to share and hear from each other. The Transition Team will lead us through this morning. 

The purpose of this meeting is not to make a decision regarding multi-site but rather, to have a conversation and to gather information from the congregations. The transition team will then compile the information and present the findings and potentially a recommendation for Council to consider and bring to the next Congregations meeting in March. All of this information will also help inform the role and job description for the next Lead Pastor. Here is the agenda for the morning:

8:30am – Coffee & Timbits & Oranges in Welcome Area
(kids can be dropped off at the child care room)
8:50am – Welcome & Why we are here today
9:00am – Opening verse focus & Prayer
9:15am – Myth Busters & Conversations*
*based on the feedback given at the November 6 Congregations meeting, we have distilled it into 6 topics and will provide further information regarding them. We will have specific questions which will guide small group interaction & feedback on each topic as follows: Accountability, Communication, Finances, Unity, The Mission & Model, Theology
10:55am – Possible Directions for Multi-site – Explanation and Group Discussion/Feedback
11:30am – Closing Prayer

Again, please register so we can prepare accordingly. We look forward to our time together!