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Attridge Electives

We are excited to offer weekly electives for people to attend on Sundays // 10:00 -10:45am. Here are the options:

“Just Pray”

(Rob & Mardell Neufeld) Living Room (203)
Just Pray – It’s not a class. It’s a chance to pray together with others. We’ll pray for our church – and other things – in a relational, conversational way. And it won’t be boring! Guaranteed. Check us out at Just Pray.

Reconciliation 101 – Learning how to love our Indigenous neighbours better.

(Randy Klassen) Family Ministries Room (129) (Nov 20 – Dec 11)
Randy Klassen serves as the Indigenous Neighbours Coordinator with MCC Saskatchewan.

The goal of this elective will be to break down barriers so we can increase our empathy for our Indigenous neighbors. Over 4 weeks Randy will help us:

  • Understand Covenant and Treaty – biblical teaching on covenant and treaty, and how this calls us into the work of truth and reconciliation today.
  • Understand Colonialism and Indian Residential Schools – the story of what a Cree chief asked for his people, and what he was given.
  • Understand First Nations experience – what the story of Job teaches us about what happened here on the Prairies. 
  • Understand the power of encounter – the local story of Reserve 107, and how to take a step towards reconciliation.