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End Date for Don Froese’s Transition Contract

Don Froese has been working at FGCC in a transition pastor contract for the last 2 years. Our initial agreement with Don invited him in to work with our Attridge congregation and staff as the transitional worship pastor for 12-18 months. Don stepped into so many more roles and extended his contract several times over the last 26 months. He has helped lead our congregation and council through a pandemic, Bruce’s resignation, and many other needed areas. 

With this in mind, we want to announce a formal end date for Don Froese’s contract with our church of December 31, 2021. We have appreciated all Don has done for FGCC over the past 2+ years and are grateful he will see us through until Reg Toews begins his Transitional Lead Pastor role on January 1, 2022.

We want to thank Don for his faithful service to our church and it’s congregations, along with his deep heart for prayer and a focus on Jesus. Don has been welcomed back to serve in many roles over the lifetime of FGCC and he will always be part of the Forest Grove family.