Attridge News

Eternally Faithful (written by Erica Pahl)

In response to the message of God’s faithfulness Erica has written a poem:

My beautiful boy condemned to die
Three months we’ve lied, this baby to hide 
Now lain in a basket, tucked in river’s side
My heart breaks in pieces as I hear him cry. 

Yet God sends the princess of Egypt to bathe
To that very spot, He has led her today
And love melts a heart and flies in the face
Of an oppressive system of fear and of hate

My daughter courageously now volunteers
Extending our time with our baby to years
God’s faithfulness to him assuages our fears
Joy mixed with sadness in our parting tears.

My beautiful boy condemned to die
Thirty-three years He’s lived, bringing His light
Yet hope seems defeated this Passover night
My heart breaks in pieces as I hear Him cry

Yet God sends us back to the tomb where He lay
With spices and tears to anoint Him today
But love melts our hearts as we see His face
Risen from death to crush fear and crush hate

Now Mary courageously here volunteers
To be the first voice to bring Good News to ears:
God’s faithfulness ever assuages all fears
Joy supplants sadness as He wipes our tears.