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Feb 14 Council Meeting Highlights

Erica shared from Psalm 139 – “Search me, O God, and know my heart! And see if there is any wicked way in me.” She also shared from Micah 6:8. God requires us to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly”. Pray for God to keep us humble, as leaders, as the church. She has been praying this for all of us. Time was spent in prayer. We read through parts of the Covenant of Collaboration.

Council Committee Reports

Leadership Discernment and Development Committee:  The LDDC has been reviewing the Council Member discernment process and revised some of the steps. The reasoning behind these changes was discussed. The main change is when staff members become involved. They continue to go through the discernment process with 5 individuals. They still are looking for individuals willing to serve as Moderator/Co-Moderators. The LDDC may require new members to serve on this committee and 2 of their non-Council members need to be affirmed by the membership at the June 2023 congregations meeting.

Personnel Resources Committee:  They have worked on the staff remuneration for the upcoming budget planning.  

Motion #3 – to recommend the staff remuneration amount as follows:  Salary – $770,000.00, Benefits – $103,950.00, Professional Development – $20,000.00 for a total of $893,950.00 or approximately 55.8% of 1.6 M with another $15,000.00 allocated for cellphone and mileage expenses – MSC

Governance Commitee: One person has been invited to join this Committee. They are still praying and discerning if this is an area for them to serve in. A decision was requested by the end of February.

Financial Audit Committee: The committee has reviewed the Internal Controls Framework. To ensure all tasks are completed as needed, Jim Davidson will meet with Kevin Wiens and Amber Letkeman quarterly. They have also reviewed the process for vetting Counters.  Amber Letkeman is ensuring criminal record checks are updated as needed.

Transition Team: The team has approved the Multisite report submitted by Reg and Brenda Toews and agree with the move towards more independence with our sites. They are willing to help Council with fleshing out details moving forward once Council makes a recommendation to the membership and a decision has been made. The Transition Governance review committee is developing a report with recommendations that will come to Council and then the Governance Committee can start the Bylaws review. They note a lack of scripture references regarding Biblical leadership in the Bylaws.

Lead Team Report

Redberry Bible Camp: Redberry has communicated the steps they have taken over the past few months related to the incident that was reported by the media in late August 2022. There has been an investigation by the RCMP, and no charges were laid. There is a new camp director in place and RBC is working with Plan to Protect to review and guide in their child protection policies and procedures.  They are ensuring they are following the Saskatchewan Camps Association standards of accreditation and continue to work closely with the Saskatchewan MB Conference. We can re-evaluate our future giving to RBC for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. 

Motion #4 – to release the funds withheld to Redberry Bible Camp and reinstate our monthly support for the remainder to the 2022-23 budget year – MSC

Attridge Congregation Meeting:  The reports were very well received. Many expressed this was appreciated and gave them hope and encouragement.

Strategic Plan: A few suggestions were made to improve the document and add clarity.  Kevin has worked hard to get this ready. Reg Toews will work with Anna Erickson to prepare it for sending out to the congregations on February 28, 2023. 

Membership: North Site has sent in a list of their members which needs confirming. The Gathering has sent in a list of those Brian Wiens contacted and have indicated they are no longer attending.  Attridge continues to compile the responses sent in. Some follow up may need to take place with seniors attending Attridge as their response to the survey has been lacking. This method is not working with this demographic. The names of all who asked to have their membership removed were shared. Discussion took place regarding the need to respond to one member considering the comments they made. Reg Toews will act on this.

Multisite: Reg Toews and Gil Klassen will work on revising Reg and Brenda’s Multisite report developing a document to share with the congregations regarding the process we have taken so far and the leaning to moving towards more independence with all sites. We will communicate with The Gathering and North Site leadership prior to it being sent out on February 21, 2023 so they are aware ahead of time. Reg has been in communication with Greg and Jamie at North Site. We will plan to meet with NSLT in the coming weeks, they have asked for more time. 

SpanWest:  Josh Remai has not been able to secure financing with the wording of “immoral” in the clarifying document. He has asked to have that clause removed as it is subjective. Instead, would like an exact list submitted of who cannot be tenants. James Fraser will reach out to Horizon Bible College and Don Neufeld and Brian Heagy to get their thoughts on this request. More time is needed for Council to process this request and respond.