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Feb 28 Council Meeting Highlights

Kevin shared from I Cor 16:13-14 “Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love.” What are we dreaming for? Josh 1:9 “This is my command – be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Moses has died and Joshua has taken on the leadership of the Israelites. Matt 28:19-20 – Jesus said, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age” and then leaves his disciples physically. How did they feel? We need to keep our focus on Jesus – it is all about him and reaching others for him. What do we need to confess? Where did we not focus on Jesus? Kevin ended the devotional with prayer. We read through the Covenant of Collaboration.

January 2023 giving was low as is the usual pattern, however we are in the black. A draft of the 2023-24 Budget will be ready for the next Council meeting. A financial update will be given at the March 19/23 Congregations meeting.

The Transition Team’s Governance Review committee has made a report. Members of this committee are Reg Toews, Donna Vollet, Lance Brown, and Clark Caldwell. This report will be shared with the Council Governance Committee so they can begin work on discerning and revising the Bylaws and Governance Manual. It is suggested that we need to have 3 main roles filled – pastoral/preaching, executive pastor and strategy setting/implementing – with those doing the work working as a team. These roles could be filled by 2-3 individuals, and all need pastoral gifting. It is also suggested that Council members serve 3-year terms with the option to serve 2 consecutive terms.

North Site: The North Site congregation is no longer meeting at 102 Goerzen St. They have made a request of equipment to support them as they move on. We will accommodate those requests as best we can. Jason Bryans will be asked to review the list and communicate further with Jamie Paul and Gil Klassen as to how we can support them in this way. All members attending this former site will retain their membership with FGCC for the time being. They are welcome to attend either The Gathering or Attridge if they desire to do so. Follow-up with the members in 3-4 months to see where they are at. An update on North Site will be made at the start of the March 2/23 Transition Conversation. 

North has requested an opportunity for a group of their congregation to visit the Gathering and Attridge sites for a Sunday am Worship service for a farewell and commissioning. A statement has been prepared by Greg Reimer to share with the congregations at this time. It was decided that a Sunday Worship service would not be the ideal option for The Gathering or Attridge, but that the March 19/23 Congregations meeting would be a better place for this. We will prepare a response including a blessing to share with North Site at this time as well and we will pray for each other.

The Gathering: A partnership agreement has been developed to set up how The Gathering will move towards more independence. The plan is for this agreement to be in place for at least 18 months and then be re-evaluated however, it is a working document and can change as needed. The agreement has Brian Wiens reporting directly to Council; it was suggested that maybe he should report to the Lead Pastor or to the pastoral staff person that works on strategy. This agreement will be shared with staff tomorrow (All Staff Meeting – March 1) and at the Congregations meeting.

March 19/23 Congregations Meeting: The Leadership Development and Discernment Committee is still working on the discernment process with a couple of individuals but hopes to have 1-2 names to put forward to serve on Council for the March Congregations meeting. Still looking for someone to fill the Moderator role (there is the option for 2 people to serve as Co-Moderators as well). 

Worship Pastor Search: The search team has shortlisted 2 potential candidates. They have received references for one and are waiting for references for the other. Both can preach and are strong theologically. They hope to have their final choice come to candidate within the next month. 

SKMB March Conference: The following individuals have been approved as delegates for the SKMB Annual Conference: Reg Toews, Kevin Wiens, Maureen Brown, Donna Vollet, Ken Willms, Peter Block, Arlene Block and Alexis Schinmann. Suggestions for delegates is open until March 12.

Lead Pastor Search Team: Several individuals were presented as potential members to serve on the Lead Pastor Search Committee. Reg Toews will be on the committee. Reg will approach these individuals to see who is willing to serve.