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Follow Up – Dec 3 Multi-site Conversation

On December 3, the Transition Team hosted a multi-site conversation, inviting anyone who attends one of our three congregations to come discuss our multi-site model. We were not looking to make a decision about multi-site but to clarify some questions coming out of our November 6 congregations meeting and to explore what the future might hold.

We know that not everyone could make this meeting and therefore would like to pass on the information that was presented as well as give anyone who was not at the meeting an opportunity to provide feedback.

You can use this link to access the audio/video from the morning or this link to access the presenter’s script.

We invite you to take time individually or in small groups to go over this material and send any feedback you may have to Gil Klassen ( January 5, 2023. 

On behalf of the Transition Team
Gil Klassen, Vi Petkau, Clark Campbell, Lance Brown, Jonathan Friesen, Ashlynn Reimer, Donna Vollet. Staff: Kevin Wiens, Reg Toews.