Giving is Part of our Worship

A donation to Forest Grove Community Church provides financing for our unified budget, which funds operating costs of The Gathering, North Site, and Attridge congregations, and global and local outreach opportunities.

We aim to be transparent and wise stewards of our finances, and are grateful to those that support our church. But most importantly, we invite people to worship by giving their finances. We believe giving generously changes our hearts and is part of our transformation in Jesus.

Donation Options


You can donate by putting a cheque or cash in pre-numbered envelopes, and dropping them off at the main office, or at your site. If you don’t have a pre-numbered envelope, you can ask our main office for some, or make sure to write your name and donor number on the envelope for receipting purposes. 

If you need a donor number, please ask our Financial Accountant for one! We’ve got you covered.

We have retired our debit machine this year, as the banking and monthly fees became too costly. To give directly from your bank account, please use the bank transfer method.

Online Giving

You can give through our ChurchCentre App. using a credit card.

Bank Transfers

You can give through your bank by selecting Forest Grove Community Church as a recipient in the “bill payment” part of your on-line banking.

  • Access your bank account on-line
  • Select the bill payment option
  • Select the “add payee” option
  • Search Forest Grove Community Church, and add as a payee using your donor/envelope number as your account number / identifier for receipting purposes
  • Make or Schedule a donation as you would a bill payment

Mail a Cheque

Forest Grove Community Church
502 Webster St.
Saskatoon, SK S7N 3P9

Why Give?

As stated above, we believe giving brings transformation. Here is what we believe about giving:

  • Everything belongs to God
  • Giving our money is an act of worship
  • Our giving reveals, aligns, and grows our heart allegiances
  • The tithe isn’t required, but can be helpful
  • JGSP – our giving is to be joyful, generous, sacrificial, and proportional
  • Giving starts with the local church