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Covid Relief Project

This week a team of leaders in Panama gathered to assemble basic food and household supplies for 61 families who are without an income because of the pandemic. Groceries are bought, supplies like toilet paper and soap are gathered and sorted into bags for each family. Some fresh fruit in season, like avocados and plantains have been donated by communities in the jungle where they are grown. After all the supplies have been sorted they are loaded into trucks and cars to be taken to several drop off locations in the city. The families pick up the supplies at these spots or they are delivered to their homes. Lots of planning, work and care goes into this food distribution each month for these families in need.

The church in Panama is able to visit families with not only supplies but encouragement and prayer. Our family in Panama is thankful for the support that has come already to provide some of the funds to sustain them through this challenging time. They send their greetings and praise God for the ways that He is providing for them.
“..your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God” 2 Cor 9:11
Our goal this advent is to continue to raise funds that will support the Wounaan church as they care for these 61 families in Panama City for the next few months. Please consider a gift of $160 that will provide one family with supplies for a month.