Partnerships + Global Workers

Global Partners

We believe God is inviting us to unite as the body of Christ around the world to use our gifts, experiences, and cultures to see greater Kingdom impact in the nations, for His glory. We do this through our intentional, relational partnerships in Panama and Mexico. Through these relationships we have opportunities to engage in experiences with the Global church and mobilize people and resources for long-term mission from everywhere to everywhere. Our hope is to develop partnerships that are mutual, with relationships of shared commitment and interdependency.

Matthew Training Centre

MTC property

Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Partnership Connector: Tomas Vidal, MTC Director
Team: Jen Schmidt, Israel & Sandra Plett-Chavez, Eleazor & Shaila, Tomas and Melody Vidal.
Organization: Multiply

The core purpose of MTC is discipleship in the context of cross cultural community. Participants from different countries join together for mission and leadership training programs throughout the year. The vision of MTC is to see hundreds of trained and fruitful workers serving among the nations making disciples for His glory. Our relationship with MTC began 15 years ago with Trever and Joan Godard. FGCC is committed to building relationships with MTC and the current staff team; partnering together to train leaders, equip global workers and plant churches. There are many opportunities to serve at MTC throughout the year from a week to year at at time!


Rio Platanares

Location: Panama
Partnership Connector: Obdulio Isarama, Church Leader
Global Workers: Einer & Girlesa Zuluaga, Lavern Pratt
Organization: Multiply

In 2004 we began to explore a relationship with an Indigenous people group in Panama through Multiply missionaries Einer and Girlesa Zuluaga, who are Colombian. Over the years as we have engaged in ministry together this relationship has grown into a mutual partnership with the MB conference of Wounaan churches. We are committed to learning and growing together with our beautiful global family in Panama through prayer, sending, receiving, support and mutual discipleship initiatives.

New Partnership Under Construction

Location: Central Asia
with National Leaders and Churches

As we have prayed for new partnership opportunities, we have felt the Lord invite us to develop relationship with a team of National leaders who are planting new churches in a Central Asian country. This country is considered unreached, and a restricted access country.

In March 2019 FGCC sent a small vision team to connect with the churches there and pray together. We also enjoyed a visit with leaders from Central Asia to FGCC in May 2020. Pray for us as we build relationship with our global family and ask God for strategic vision to serve together for Kingdom impact in the nations. Pray for the small growing church and new believers in this country.

Check back for more info, or contact Maryanne.

Global Workers

Einer, Girlesa, and Gabriel Zuluaga
Serving with our global partnership in Panama
with Multiply.

Lavern Pratt
Serving with our global partnership in Panama with Multiply.

Trever & Joan Godard
Serving in leadership and member care from Canada, with Multiply.

Tomas & Melodie Vidal, serving as Director of MTC in Guadalajara, MX, with Multiply.

Nathan & Judy Hildebrandt
Serving with global leaders, launching and supporting city movements with LeaderImpact.

Ryan and Terri Epp
Short Term Mission Coordinators in SK with Multiply.

Heather Ens
Serving as staff in Berlin Germany with YWAM.

*Note some of our workers can’t be listed here.