Attridge News Council Updates

Jan 10 Council Meeting Highlights

Leadership Discernment and Development Committee:  There are 3 people going through the discernment process and will hopefully attend the next Council meeting as guests. There are 10-11 others who are being contacted to consider starting the discernment process.

Personnel Resources Committee: Exit interviews with staff that left this summer were reviewed and major themes were pulled out. The PRC will review the Staff Handbook, particularly taking a look at the conflict resolution process when staff have a conflict with their immediate supervisor. PRC to review the staff salary grid; Joel Dyck will help with this as the ad hoc right sizing committee that met this past summer did some work that relates to this. A report needs to be submitted to Council by Feb 14, 2023.

Governance and FAC:  No reports this month.

Transition Team:  The team has been reviewing the Multisite Conversation information further. They feel the partnership option is not viable. This leaves either dissolving multisite or developing a new model/structure that keeps a high independence at each site.  Ebenezer Baptist Church’s model may be helpful if we want to pursue this option; their sites are even more independent than ours have been. They have a high level of commitment with clear accountability and expectations. They share 5 common values and their Confession of Faith. Council is planning to set up meetings with the 3 sites independently. Reg and Brenda Toews are also compiling a report to bring to council with recommendations on Jan. 24th

Panama Missions Trip: This will be a team of women. Dates are not set but it will likely be in the second half of April 2023. It was felt that one week might be too short and the trip maybe should include 2 weekends. Council affirms sending a team this Spring. 

Membership Re-affirmation: Our database includes about 4700 names with about 2300 being active in some way. A letter will be sent to all Attridge members to ask if they are still committed to FGCC. Another letter will go out later to all Attridge attendees to ask how they are engaged and where they are serving. The other sites will use a different process but will be asked to provide a report including the same information.

Monthly Site Reports: Each site will be asked to submit reports using a template. A question asking “what are current challenges they are facing?” will be added.