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Karen Block is Offering Spiritual Formation Retreats

Visit Karen’s webpage and check out the events page. This autumn she is hosting four 2-hour Metaphors and Truths Collage retreats (mid day on Mondays once a month) and three 6-hour Thriving: Art & Spiritual Formation retreats. 

The focus of both of these retreats is deepening our relationship with God using the creative, “made-n’the-image’of-God” part of who we are (artistic skill is NOT a requirement). Using a few basic art supplies we will explore what God might want to say to us through metaphors and symbols found in collage or through the step by step process of creating an art project while intentionally remaining in God’s presence and listening.

The Metaphors and Truths 2 hour retreats will be Monday from 1-3 pm CST (Saskatoon, SK, Canada) on Sept 13; Oct. 4, Nov 8 and Dec 13, 2021

Thriving: Art & Spiritual Formation Retreat are on Saturdays from 9 am – 3 pm CST September 25, Nov 6 and Dec 18.

Please invite your friends. For more information contact Karen Block at