We are one church in multiple locations. We are connected by our common convictions, structures and overall approach of “why we exist”, but our goal isn’t for all our sites to be the same. In fact our desire is that each location is a unique, contextualized expression of the body of Christ. We are called by God to multiply and to bring his blessing to the nations and families of the earth. Our desire is to multiply in every area of our church, and one expression of that is to have multiple sites so that more people can participate in our story.


502 Webster St

Sundays @ 10am
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Massey Park, Saskatoon

Wednesday @ 6:15pm
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North Site

102 Goerzen St

Wednesday @ 6pm
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Attridge aims to be all about transformation in Jesus. Through our large worship gatherings, age specific-programs, and many ministry avenues, we invite you to discover Jesus, to learn of His ways, and to serve in community. Our Attridge congregation exists to:

  • Empower the generations to risk-taking obedience in serving and spiritual living.
  • Facilitate Spiritual Formation through our discipleship steps and our many ministries.
  • Develop Leaders that impact the church, our community and the world.

The Gathering

A small church community of about 100 people with lots of young families, kids, couples, and singles. We aim to provide safe spaces where people can ask questions and explore the significance of Jesus from any starting point and background.
Prior to Covid we would meet on Sunday mornings in the Broadway neighbourhood in rented spaces and hope to do that again soon! Normally, we also meet in smaller groups in homes and backyards during the week so we can share meals, hangout, get to know each other, and sort out together what it means to be apprentices of Jesus.


A small group of people committed to living in the way of Jesus. We gather weekly around tables to worship God (revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit) through music, prayer, scripture, and the Lord’s Table. We gather so that we can be equipped to live as people sent by God to our homes, workplaces and neighbourhoods as part of God’s great mission to reconcile the world in Jesus.