Stories Of Transformation

Ministry by our Most Senior Members

Below is a story of Transformation shared by Harry Strauss, our Encore Ministries Pastor, reflecting on two of our most senior members.

Two of our most senior members are Martha Lepp and Louise Balzer.

Louise Balzer

The distinction of being our oldest goes to Louise Balzer, 102 years of age. Given her age, her ministry has been largely limited to that of ‘receiving’ care and love from those around her. She lives in Oliver Lodge.

Martha Lepp is 97. She resides in a private care home in Warman. She may be the only Christian among the 10 residents. She provides witness by reciting the Lord’s prayer together with the residents before breakfast; saying grace before meals; and by praying for others. In her own words, “I can always pray.” She has memorized 60 scripture verses in the past few years and is thankful she still has a clear mind.

Martha Lepp