Council Updates

Multi-Site Staff Structure Update

In February 2021, Council brought together a task force to evaluate our multi-site structure. They provided a report to Council at the end of June 2021. Council has made a few initial decisions and will continue to engage the report insights and recommendations through the fall. One of the themes that came out of the multi-site report was to recognize that although we have 3 sites, Attridge is our largest congregation and it drives our multi-site vision. Council has determined that Attridge needs more representation at the Lead Team level with three equal voices from each discipleship area: Family Ministries, Worship, Small Groups, and Local Missions; with Global Missions represented by our Missions Pastor, Maryanne Berge. 

With these things in mind, as well as Bruce’s resignation and the desire to hire a Transitional Lead Pastor, Council has approved a motion stating, “that upon hiring of the Transitional Pastor, we are hiring them with two roles of Lead Pastor and Attridge Site Pastor.” 

The staff most affected by this motion are those on our Attridge Lead Team, currently made up of Kevin Wiens, Maureen Brown, and Don Froese. All of these positions will now be part of our church-wide FGCC Lead Team, leading our Attridge site together. Pastor Maureen will represent Family Ministries, Pastor Don in his role with Corporate Worship, and Pastor Kevin will represent Small Groups and Local Missions, passing the overall Attridge Site pastor role to the Lead Pastor position. This new structure gives authority to our Transition Lead Pastor to help shape vision and strategy for our Attridge site and overall multi-site church.

Council also wants to make clear that it affirms Pastor Kevin in the leadership gifts that he brings to the church. We desire to see him thriving in his strengths and continue to give direction as a Lead Team member. This new structure will allow him to focus on small groups and community engagement, within the church and through local missions. His title will shift to Small Groups Pastor to avoid confusion and allow for our Transition Lead Pastor to oversee our Attridge Site.