Attridge News Council Updates

Nov 26 Council Meeting Highlights

Present: Erica Fraser, Ken Willms, Anna Robinson, Gil Klassen, Joel Dyck, Janice Block
Staff Present: Reg Toews, Kevin Wiens

Council held a retreat on Nov 25 and 26. Friday evening was spent with our mediator, Tim Nickel. Saturday morning was spent with time in worship and prayer together with Brenda Toews leading us. The Strategic Plan was reviewed. After lunch, the day ended with a Council meeting.


We are currently looking at a deficit of $32,000.00 for the 2022-23 year according to current giving trends. Kevin is keeping “tabs” on overspending/underspending trends with staff. Anna Robinson or a delegate from the Financial Audit Committee will bring questions to Kevin if they note any concerns so he can investigate further and get answers.


Children’s Ministry Assistant – Very promising candidate.  

Worship Pastor: Reason for delay is related to Reg’s capacity. Vi Paetkau is helping with writing up the job description. The plan is to post for 60% worship and 40% flexible which will depend upon gifting of the candidate being considered; this could be preaching, communication and/or small groups. The plan is to post for the position before December 31, 2022.  

Tim Nickel, our mediator, will meet with staff again on December 15, 2022.  

Brian Wiens attended the SKMB Leadership Forum on November 26, 2022.

SK MB Common Understanding and Common Covenant – A motion was made to sign the covenant, and this was carried.

Council Committees

Personnel Resources – Summarize recent exit interviews into themes. The Staff Handbook conflict resolution process and channels will be reviewed.

Governance – Two members were suggested to ask to serve on this committee. There will be a need for a major Bylaws review once the Transition team addresses structures. The committee will meet to develop a process re: requests for the Council minutes and bring a recommendation to Council.

Leadership Discernment and Development – Several more individuals have been asked to consider serving on Council and follow-up is occurring. They have not yet found anyone willing to consider serving as Moderator.  Jim Davidson has offered be a mentor for the new Moderator.  

Financial Audit – The committee is planning to meet before the end of December.

Transition Team – The Multi-Site conversation is set for Dec. 3, 2022.  The plan is to address six different “myths” of multi-site. No decisions will be made at the meeting, but the feedback will inform the next steps in the process. The Transition Team will then make a recommendation to Council re: the future of our multisite strategy.