Council Updates

Oct 11 Council Meeting Highlights

Present: Erica Fraser, Ken Willms, Janice Block, Gil Klassen, Anna Robinson, Joel Dyck
Staff Present: Reg Toews, Kevin Wiens, Amber Letkeman
Guests: Karen Bergermann (Auditor)

Kevin Wiens invited us to share what we have been praying for lately.  We have been praying for unity and coming together, acknowledging that God is in control and has better things for us in the future, for joy, for discernment and focus as we get busier with increased socialization coming out of Covid, for courage to not run away from hard things, for rest and for those that are ill. Time was spent praying for these.

At each meeting, Council reads through a document called the “Covenant of Collaboration.” We have attached a copy of this for you here. Please consider using this a prayer guide as you pray for Council.

Karen Bergermann, our auditor from Virtus Group, led us through the Financial Statements for 2021/22.

Amber Lekteman shared an update on the giving for 2022/23 thus far.  We have a deficit of $67,841.15 and are currently at 76% of our budget. At this time last year, our deficit was $110,307.90 and we were at 66.5% of our budget. Our reduced staff spending will begin to have impact on our budget in October.

Staffing:  The Children’s Ministry Assistant posting is up. The Worship Pastor posting will be ready soon.

Council is working on how to set up accountability with North Site now that Nathan McCorkindale is no longer a paid staff member.

Common Understanding and Common Covenant: We will discuss this with the membership at the November Congregations Meeting – what it is and the steps we have taken so far.  The SKMB Conference has asked all member churches to sign this by the end of December, 2022. It would be good to have conversations led by staff on this in the next few months. 

Leadership Discernment and Development Committee: We need 4 more Council members to have a full complement. Erica Fraser will have completed a full 6 year term on Council by June 2023 so there is a need to fill the role of Moderator as well.