Council Updates

Oct 25 Council Meeting Highlights

Present: Erica Fraser, Janice Block, Gil Klassen, Anna Robinson, Joel Dyck
Regrets: Ken Willms
Staff Present: Reg Toews, Kevin Wiens, Maureen Brown

Joel shared about encouragement as one of the themes coming out of the Transitions conversation meetings this past week. James 3:7 states that “no one can tame the tongue.” We need the Holy Spirit to do this well. He was convicted about words that he has used that have not built others up. Heb 10:19-25 also speaks about encouraging each other and spurring one another on to good deeds. He recalled two very significant times where people spoke encouragement into his life and the impact this has had on him. Time was spent in personal reflection and prayer for those who are in our circle of influence. The Covenant of Collaboration was read through.

Maureen shared her report on Children’s Ministry and her other ministry responsibilities. She has been very encouraged by several individuals stepping up their commitment and helping in Children’s Ministry including men. She has been talking to two people who are potential Administrative Assistants.

A search committee has been put together for the Worship Pastor role. The plan is to add another member to the committee from one of the worship teams. The job duties will also include overseeing Small Groups.

Sunday morning worship service attendance numbers were shared. Attridge is averaging 400, The Gathering 76, and North Site 36. We are seeing a bit of an upswing in numbers. We are still overstaffed for the recommended 72 attendees/staff. We would need to see an increase of 400 more attendees to meet this.

Plans are coming together to offer an elective at Attridge on Sunday mornings on the Confession of Faith starting in Jan, 2023.

LDDC: They are looking to fill 4 empty Council positions by March 2023. They are looking for someone with admin skills for support, someone to fill the Moderator position and an individual willing to ask good and tough questions, and someone with visionary and strategic thinking.