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October 3 Council Meeting Highlights

The Covenant of Collaboration was read through.

Consent Agenda
This was discussed and approved last meeting that council would use a Consent Agenda. Motions approved under the agenda were:

1.         To approve the Minutes of September 5, 2023, Council Meeting.

2.         To approve the updated Internal Control Framework

3.         To appoint Kevin Wiens as “Administrator” for purposes of the Internal Control Framework

4.         To approve the FGCC Records Retention Policy

5.         To receive the Personal Information Privacy Policy as a working draft

Family Ministries Report

  • Pastor Maureen presented her report to council.
  • She is excited with the number of people that are serving. There are quite a few who are new to serving in GroveKids.
  • Lots of new families on Sunday morning. This is exciting but it also means that we will probably need to split some classes which means we will need more leaders in the small groups

Vision Statement and Draft Report to Congregation

  • In response to the June 2023 Transition Summary and Future Direction document and subsequent input and discussion the vision statement was presented with a couple of questions regarding what word(s) to use in the statement. Council discussed the reason for words chosen and determined that the following is the final statement.


“We are a covenant community experiencing the life changing power of Jesus Christ and sharing his good news from the river to the ends of the earth.” 

Moderator’s Report

  1. The Gathering / Multi-site Discussion

What are our goals in relationship with the Gathering – 

  • Plant a healthy Church?
    • What does independence look like?
    • What is our desired path for the Gathering? (recognizing that Council’s ideal may or may not be different from the Gathering leadership team)
    • What length of “runway” is provided and under what parameters?
    • What is FGCC’s role in shepherding the Gathering?

  • Capital Campaign
  • Rob Neufeld, Krissy Magneson, Fred Matiko have agreed to be on the team in addition to Brian Heagy and Galen Heinrichs.
  • Motion approved:
    “To establish a capital campaign fund to track donations received and expenditures from the Capital Campaign.  Funds raised shall be used for capital repairs and upgrades of Forest Grove Community Church as designated by Council.”

Lead Team Report

  • Strategic Reporting
  • Outcome based planning
  • Council Retreat Plan (staff attendance, location)
  • Indigenous Engagement

In Camera session was held.