Parent + Child Dedication


We believe that children are best influenced in their faith when parents and the church work together to teach kids about Jesus. The Bible is clear that parents are to impress on them what they have seen and heard God do in their own lives. The church community is to support and equip parents to be spiritual leaders of their kids.

A great starting point for a family is to publicly commit before their congregation their intention to raise their child(ren) in a Christ-centered home.
We believe that Parent and Child Dedication accomplishes three things:

  • It provides you (the parent) the opportunity to publicly declare your commitment to the God-given privilege to raise your child to know and follow Jesus.
  • It provides us (the church) the opportunity to pray for God’s blessing upon you and your child within your church congregation.
  • It reminds the church community of their collective responsibility to pray for our families.

At Attridge, Parent and Child Dedication will occur four times per year (click the Register button to see the dates). On the Sunday morning you (and others) will be called forward with your child(ren). You will introduce yourself and your child(ren), be asked to agree to a statement of intent, and then be prayed for. At that time you will be given a certificate of dedication and a parent resource.
We would love to have you involved!

If you have questions about Parent and Child Dedication please contact the main office (306) 933-2266 or email Grace.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What should my child wear?

  • Please wear your “normal church clothes.” At our Attridge congregation some people choose to dress casually, others dress more formally.

2) How old do they need to be?

  • Typically Parent and Child Dedication occurs when the children are under two years old. However, we love seeing families making a public commitment at any age.

3) What about “non-biological families”?

4) What about god-parents?

  • We think having other people specifically designated to influence your child(ren)’s faith is great. We would love to have them attend the Parent and Child Dedication, if guidelines allow, but ask that they remain seated when you are called forward.