Missions Updates

Prayer for Zuluaga’s

Einer and Girlesa, Gabriel (9 yrs) have been missionaries in Panama for over 17 years, loving and serving the Wounaan. Here are some ways to pray for them as they spend some time in Colombia for the next few months.

1. Einer’s eye surgery to remove a cataract that has grown and is causing loss of sight.

2. Girlesa’s sister Andrea is undergoing cancer treatments. They are helping to care for her and take time with family.

3. Einer will be joining 2 Wounaan leaders from Panama on a trip into the Choco region in early Dec to encourage Wounaan missionaries serving in this difficult region. Pray for the church there to grow in the midst of persecution, and protection from harmful religious cults in the area that have had an influence on 2 communities. There is a real spiritual battle taking place in this region. As the Wounaan Indigenous leaders come they bring a witness to Jesus in their lives, marriages, work and they want to live out the message in this way as well as through words as time goes on. Pray for Ricardo, Jacobo and Einer as they spend time in these communities in December. It is encouraging to see the vision for mission from everywhere to everywhere through our Wounaan brothers and sisters!

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Wounaan Prayer Updates

Pray for a new agricultural project in the 3 Darien communities to increase food production and income as they work their land. They just received this new tractor to help with the project.

Pray for vision these 3 communities who have been meeting to encourage one another and are sending out mission teams to an Embera community in the area. They also have a heart for the Indigenous peoples of Canada and are ready to come with a lot of love if God calls them here to met together. We are praying about these opportunities to learn from our global family in Panama and grow in reconciliation through relationships, listening and learning together here in Canada.

This same good news that came to you is going out all over the world. It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace. Col 1:6