Attridge News Call to Prayer

Prayer Triad Summary

When asked, “what might God be saying to our church?” a summary of the responses is as follows:

“We come out of this with an overwhelming sense of the power of prayer, and the need for more of it… Prayer not only as petition, but also praise and adoration, gratitude, and learning to trust God who is in control of all things, and desires only the best for His children. He doesn’t always give us the answers we think we want, but He does give us the strength and endurance to cope.” ~ Prayer Triad Participant

200+ Participants

40 Total Groups

8 on zoom

3+ small groups

When asked, “what might God be saying to our church?” a summary of the responses is as follows:

  • Prioritize gathering together to listen to God and one another “in the midst of our personal pressures and anxieties.”
  • As we listen it will lead us to pray bold prayers for our church and community – “God is in control both in our church and in the larger world and we need to trust Him and His timing.”
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  • As we pray we need to submit and trust God to deal with things in his way – “giving up our earthly knowledge in favour of being led by the Spirit and in turn sharing the hope we have in salvation.”
  • Unity is a choice – and can happen as we “come together with our disagreements and take the initiative to work through the hard stuff in a positive way, in love, following God’s direction.”
  • It is time to be bold and use the spiritual gifts we have been given from the Holy Spirit – “like the early disciples who were fearless, risking everything.”
  • Look to Jesus – he alone will save us. “Materialism gets in the way of completely trusting God.”

Does this summary resonate with what you think is needed in our church? Send your thoughts, feedback, or questions to Pastor Kevin.