Prayer Triads

We desire to “Pray First” as a church! This will strengthen this discipline that says we don’t act before God speaks. Prayer Triads will be happening inFall 2022 and following our sermon series on the book of Acts- 70 days of Prayer!

Why Pray in Groups?

Prayer shows our dependency on God. The early church prayed together and saw God move. We realize that we are limited in what we can do but God is unlimited in what He can do.

How Do We Begin?

Register to be a part of a Prayer Triad by clicking HERE. Once you have registered, a facilitator will contact you, to set up your first meeting. Time and location will be determined by the group (you can indicate preferred times, online or in-person, when you register).

What is the Goal?

To pray together! As a church during this time of transition. We want spiritual renewal and growth for our church.

Pray 10 times as a triad over 70 days!

We hope most of our church will join this initiative.

What is a Facilitator?

Each triad will have one Facilitator. A person who is willing to coordinate meeting times for your triad, facilitate discussion, and receive communication from the church. Training will be on September 25th 12pm – 1:30pm. Lunch will be provided. When you register to be a part of a Triad, you can indicate that you would like to be a Facilitator.

What Does a Triad Look Like?

Groups of 3 (or 4) will meet 10 times over 70 days. The small size will allow for everyone to contribute to the group and meet consistently. Preferably, triads will consist of people who don’t know each other well at the start.

What Could a Prayer Triad Gathering Look Like?

The concept of Prayer Triads is simple and straightforward. Triads meet for personal sharing and prayer for each other and the church. The agenda could look something like this:

  1. Before meeting, spend some time in God’s Word listening to Him on your own, then meet with your Triad.
  2. When you meet, start with asking, “How are you and God doing?” Share where you are at personally – physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  3. Since we last met, how has the Holy Spirit been nudging you? What has He been affirming? What has He been challenging? Share what God has been impressing upon you through His word and life experiences.
  4. Share the name of one person you believe God wants you to reach out to who doesn’t know Jesus yet and how that relationship is going.
  5. How should we be praying for our leaders and the church at this time? Pray out loud for each other and the church.
  6. Triads can keep a journal (provided for each participant) of the key issues for which they are praying on an ongoing basis. Such a journal should include any statement of covenant and confidentiality the triad establishes.

Small Group Guidelines

What is shared in the group, stays in the group.

We agree to make meeting with our triad a priority and will be at the times that are agreed upon by the group.

We agree to share our own thoughts and feelings. We will commit to NOT talking about others.