Attridge News

Regathering: Again!

Starting July 11th, the provincial government will be lifting restrictions for places of worship.

We know that not everyone is completely comfortable entering back into a church building without restrictions.

Kristen walks us through how our service will be operating on July 11th, and for the summer.

Quick hits:

The Balcony will have mandatory masks and distancing, like we have for the past few months. You’ll enter through these outside doors, and go straight to the balcony, bypassing the foyer completely.

The Main Floor wings will have optional masking, and the chairs will still be distanced. You can also choose to be distanced from the next party to be seated in that section.

The Main Floor middle section will have optional masking, and distanced chairs and will look similar to pre-pandemic seating.


When you arrive, our greeters will ask you which section you’d like to be in, and can direct you there, and help with any questions you have.

A couple other things to note:

– for the summer our services will be at 10am
– you no longer need to register
– we will only be at about 50% capacity due to having some sections still distanced
– we will continue to livestream our services

This re-opening of the province will bring out lots of different emotions in lots of different people. Let’s remember to be gracious to our brothers and sisters, and remain focused on Jesus. We’re looking forward to having you join us!