Stories Of Transformation

Servant Hearts

Below is a Story of Transformation from Maureen Brown. Maureen serves as Children’s Pastor at the Attridge Congregation of Forest Grove Community Church.

Both Stephanie Rediger and Allyce Brown have servant hearts and that was shown again this spring when they served at Preschool Fun Camp while on mat leaves with babies in tow.

They both began serving at FGCC Attridge as youth leaders and agree that some of their original reasons for  serving were because of the positive experiences and great memories they had while attending youth themselves. However, what they soon realized was the community that was created among the other leaders was such a blessing for them in their spiritual walk.

Both Steph and Allyce served in Children’s Ministry as well before they had children. It was an opportunity to serve together with their spouses and to get to know some of the younger people within our church community. When asked to help with Preschool Fun Camp, it was easy for them to say yes. Being on maternity leave allowed them to serve in this new capacity and also allows them to do it alongside their children!

 It is so neat to think that the Fun Camp Director, Jodi Enns, was in my small group when I led in youth and now she is my leader.

– Allyce Brown

Serving in these ways, has given us the great opportunity to witness first hand how God is working and doing amazing things through the Youth and Children’s Ministries in our church!

– Steph Rediger