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Stories of Transformation

Sharing the transforming power of Jesus with one another is a great encouragement to each of us. Please respond to the following 5 questions (1 page typed, or 2-3 minute video). Send your responses to Grace.
1) When did Jesus first get your attention?
2) What is a faith marker (or key moment in your faith)  that you have experienced?
3) What is Jesus doing in your life right now? (Be as current as possible, like during the pandemic)
4) What is a favourite scripture and why?
5) Why do you love our church? 

The end goal of this exercise is not to just encourage one another so that we feel good, positive, and faith filled, although those are all good things. The reason we encourage one another and build one another up is so that we have renewed hope and passion to go into the world with the transforming message that Jesus has risen from the dead! He is the one who we can put our hope in! Jesus saves us from this world and adopts us as children of God! As we reflect on his power in our lives, and are encouraged by the stories of other believers, let’s serve others and proclaim the gospel to everyone we interact with. Click here to read others stories.