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Thank You, from Rainbow Housing

Thanks to the generous giving of our congregation we were able to distribute grocery gift cards to our neighbours at Rainbow Housing. Here are a few of the responses we’ve received. Thanks to everyone for their generosity.

  • As a single mama times get tough, we struggle but I never give up! It’s been a tough year for everyone. Every once in awhile I get a reminder that I am not alone in this! This afternoon someone rings my door bell so I answer the door and there is a lady standing there with an envelope, who says, “I know it’s been a tough year and we were hoping 2021 will be a little better for you!! We thought this might help you!” They went through our whole community and gave each home a gift card!! Wowzersss!!! After Christmas, catching up on bills, food, gas, one kid aging out lol, and every other expense in my life this definitely helps!!! Thank you FGCC for the gift card!!
  • This week has been difficult for me mentally. I’ve had a couple nights of nightmares and have been struggling. This feels like a huge setback because I had been doing exceptionally well, so I’m pretty bummed out. There is so much shame in admitting one is struggling and needs help. I wasn’t sure how I was buying groceries for the week before my payday Wednesday. Then a stranger knocks on my door and hands me a $100 grocery gift card. Instantly feeling so much gratitude. Was hoping my degree wouldn’t have us needing community support anymore, but I guess things don’t always work out the way we hope they would. Thank you FGCC!
  • I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank members of the church and the congregation for the very surprising and awesome gift that I received today. I felt the need to sit and write something tonight before supper before tiring. Since all my major medical problems began 10 years ago with Cancer (Dr’s gave me short time to live — but with God’s grace I’m still on His fine earth) and have to date although remaining constantly indoors, I don’t have much energy to spare. Tomorrow I can start a list for groceries including meat to put in the freezer and some fresh not frozen vegetables. God Bless Everyone Take Care and Stay Safe
  • I am sending this email to thank you for a surprise visit from one of your representatives on January 30, 2021 at Rainbow Housing. I received a president choice gift card for $100 that I can use towards my grocery shopping. I would like to let you know that this card will be very well utilized and it could not come at a better time. Thank you again and God Bless.
  • Dear Pastors, Staff and Members of the Congregation, This past weekend my doorbell rang and a very friendly woman explained that she was from the Forest Grove Community Church, that your congregation realized that 2020 had been a hard year and that they wanted 2021 to start out better. She then handed me a card which contained a gift card for groceries. I think the shock on my face said it all as I thanked her. Most people coming to my door want money, they don’t gift it. There are many living in Rainbow Housing that are hurting mainly because of losing jobs due to COVID 19. There are others, like my niece, whose partner passed away last July at the age of 35. She is now raising two children on her own. You brought smiles to many faces, and tears of thankfulness to others. I just wanted you to know that I am very thankful for your generous gift, and for the kindness your church has shown. You are all greatly appreciated. May God bless your church and the work that you are doing in this community.
  • A phone call to thank us for the gift card. She is not employed right now and has no income. She said this just came at the best time. “God Answers Prayers!” She also said she would like to pay it forward and volunteer.
  • Hello Forest Grove Community Church. Thank you so much for your wonderful gifts may God bless you all richly and continue to bless your ministry we are so grateful. Thank you ??
  • I received a gift card from your church. What a generous and wonderful gift. As you know, the cost of food keeps going up. It was very useful. Thank you!
  • Dear Forest Grove Community Church, It has taken some time for me to write this thank you note as I have been speechless for over a week. FGCC made a huge impact on Jan 30 when the grocery card delivery occurred. 2020 was an incredibly hard year. My partner passed away from an overdose in July. I have since been doing my best to pay for his funeral, headstone, and clear up his estate. I have also been taking care of my 15 year old son, and my 3 year old daughter who both had their birthdays at the end of January. I have been financially capable until the end of January and was wondering how I was going to afford groceries for the next few weeks, and angels appeared at my door delivering exactly what I needed. Thank you for reminding me that God provides. It has been a while since I remembered to pray and connect to my higher power. Not only did your church group save me and help fill my kids bellies, but you reminded me to trust and pray, and to find gratitude when it present itself. Thank you for being a beacon.
  • Heartfelt thanks to all of the Forest Grove Church Community members. God Bless you all! “The phrase is simple and the words are few, but behind them is a whole lost of appreciation.” I am very grateful for the gift card that I received from your church. Much appreciated. Thank you.
  • A phone call from a resident of Rainbow Housing. She was dumbstruck and felt the gift card was an incredible demonstration of the Lord’s love – how we are suppose to act and relate to others. God Bless, thank you, thank you…. The congregation has done a wonderful demonstration of love.