Missions Updates

Update from Gil and Alison

Gil and Alison Klassen were supported as Forest Grove missionaries for many years while at YFC Saskatoon and during their transition to Executive Directors with Camp Oshkidee. Here is a short message from Gil and Alison to the church.

“We would like to take the opportunity to thank FGCC for all the years of support for our mission work first with Saskatoon YFC and now for the past few years with Oshkidee. We continue to work with Oshkidee and look forward to expanding the ministry opportunities. Summer family camps remain one of the key programs and there are still openings! We were also very happy with the first personal retreat we offered this spring called ” Soul Hideaway” with Karen Block’s assistance as spiritual director. We look forward to our second one this September. Check it out and consider joining us Prayer items would be that we can continue to expand the ministry impact and also for the financing we need to do so. Please contact us at for more information. We are very thankful for all who partner with us in this!”