Stories Of Transformation

Walter Toews

Although this is not my testimony as a candidate for baptism, it is my story as an expression of gratitude for my church experience. I grew up in a home where the Bible was the central focus for our way of life. I knew that becoming a Christian was not inherited, but it was a personal decision to follow Jesus, to accept His forgiveness for my sin, and to claim His Salvation for eternal life. My church taught me that baptism was a step of obedience to confess my desire for a commitment to live a life to honour the Lord. At age 15 I took that step of obedience and was baptized in the salty waters of Manitou Lake, where I was not only baptized, but also preserved. I am very grateful for my church’s mentorship at my early age. From that point on, although not always graciously accepted, there were always those whose spiritual examples encouraged me of my commitment to follow Christ.
As an adult, opportunities were presented to serve in various ways; Small Group leadership, music, teaching, and volunteering, etc. Throughout these years there were always those who encouraged me to discover the spiritual gifts that God has given me.
As a senior citizen, I look back with great appreciation for what the church has meant to me (us), both in allowing us to serve, but also blessing us in countless ways w spiritual input from week to week. Even though serving in practical ways is limited, I know that we can still pray and encourage those who lead and follow after us.