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FGCC Transition Conversation #2: Where are we going?

You are invited to attend our second congregations conversation, focused on: “Where are we going?” Come explore where God is leading FGCC. Whether you have been a part of North Site, The Gathering or Attridge for many years or a few months, you are invited to come discover in community. 
Starting with a review of where we have been, we will then shift our focus to asking God “Where are we going?” God has a plan for every church including the big picture of a multi-site church and the direction of each site specifically. We will define Mission, Vision and Values and then begin to work through the following questions: 

What is our Mission?   
Who lives in our Mission Field?  
Who must we be to reach them?  
What could the future look like? 

We recommend that you participate in both Thursday evening and Saturday morning. If you can only make it to one, you can state that in your registration. 
October 20 // 7-9:00pm // Attridge Sanctuary 
October 22 // 8:00-12pm // Attridge Sanctuary includes a breakfast potluck in the gym at from 8-8:30 am. 
Childcare is available on Saturday morning after breakfast. 
If you prefer to join online, we will be live streaming this from our sanctuary. To engage with others, we will be providing a Zoom link as well.