Attridge News

Worship + Livestream Update

The following is a brief update on our worship ministry and the progress of our tech infrastructure:

  • We are still working with limited audio capacity but plan to keep using 2 instruments and 2 voices for the next while.  
  • Unfortunately, masks continue to be mandatory for all singing.  We have tried every avenue possible to change this, but compliance with government guidelines gives us no other option.
  • The new permanent lights will be installed in the ceiling next week (we have been using temporary rental lights)
  • What we call “Wave 1” of our live-stream plan is now near completion: lights, 2 cameras, new sound board, internet upgrades, and computer/software items.
  • What we call “Wave 2” of our live-stream plan begins this week. This mainly includes the construction and equipment needed for a second sound room (studio) that will be located in Spencer’s office on the 2nd floor. This space will use our old sound board (plus other equipment) to mix our audio and video for the live-stream in a sound protected environment.  When this room is operational and we have the trained volunteers, full bands with better sound can begin again. 
  • The next several weeks will be busy with installation and training.  More volunteers are needed in all areas of tech – please contact Spencer if you are interested in serving.  
  • Other ministries are also live-streaming:  Family Service, Youth, Young Adults, Mom’s/Women’s, and Seniors.  

Thanks to all of you for your prayers, patience and generosity.  Our tech volunteers have put in hours and hours of time – thank you.  Our worship leaders have faithfully led in spite of having to wear masks and sing to an empty room – thank you.  Many of you have been patient with us leaders as we stumble along to learn how to do on-line church – thank you. Many of you have grieved the loss of music or opportunity to serve – thank you again for being patient and understanding.  

Peace and blessings,